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How long until Bush is gone?

It is finally here!

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brian--rest in
                  peace, my friend

Thank you, Fran, for putting together that wonderful page about Brian full of memories of him. I met Brian through the Firesign Theatre chat group (every Thursday night at 9pm Eastern time) about ten years ago, and we became fast friends. We both loved their brand of humor, we shared political views, and we were both "geeks" of a sort. He taught me almost everything I know about Linux (but certainly not all HE knew), and we shared many hours together on the internet, on the telephone, and a few times, in person. He is missed by all he encountered in this life, and when he died in October of 2006, I know he tried to convince God to run Heaven's servers on Linux. At least partially in his memory, the audio clip you heard (if your browser is sound-enabled) when you opened this page is "Emergency Alert" from the Proctor and Bergman album (yes, I have the original 12" black vinyl disk in the cardboard sleeve!), "TV or Not TV", sometimes called "Channel 85" by those in the know. For more information on The Firesign Theatre, go to their website and click on any of their albums. "TV" is the second from the left in the separate row on the bottom. Email me (link above) if you want more information on them and I'll either tell you the truth about them or lie convincingly in their spirit ;)

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